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Technical Requirements

In order to use www.capstudy.org.au you will need the following software (please read all steps carefully and complete necessary updates/downloads):

Internet Connection

A stable and relatively quick Internet connection will provide the best user experience. Please note that the CAP Study website may not work reliably on very low speed or erratic Internet connections.

A Web Browser

We have tested the CAP Study in Firefox (get Firefox), Safari (get Safari) and Internet Explorer Versions 7 and 8. There could be some issues using Internet Explorer Version 6, and we encourage everyone using Version 6 to upgrade to Version 8 (click here) or higher (click to see IE options). We cannot guarantee support for other browsers.

Javascript enabled

If you want to use our system but don't know how to set your browser to be JavaScript enabled, please click here and follow the instructions for your browser setting.

A program that can open PDF documents (such as Adobe Reader).

Click here to download the latest free version of Adobe Reader (formerly called Acrobat Reader).

Technical Requirements